Before They Rise

Cicadas hum the dark watch
signaling another presence with their watchful pause

The lady is arisen
to claim the space between night and morn
where fairies make circles in the lawn
and leave a mist of magic with the dew drops
just outside her window

She steps across the threshold
into the moon’s radiant embrace
and bathes in enchantment

Moonglow illuminates the darkness
and paints a canvas through the trees
keeping Fear’s shadows at bay

Birds begin to call for their morning meal
as lizards scurry through the grass
to save themselves from Dawn’s predators

A brilliant orb crowning at land’s end colors the eastern sky
as Mother Earth gives birth to a new day

The cicadas now silent, Sister Moon travels on
bestowing ancient blessings to the open hearts of others
in the sacred time between night and light

© May 30, 2016 Karen Farrell, all rights reserved

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