The Sports Bar

Double glass doors
lead to a bright, open room
wooden floors, walls, ceiling, tables and chairs.
Make yourself at home
smoking to the right
non-smoking to the left
Juke box in the corner plays old music
from the 70’s
Archies, Beatles, Seager and Styx
“Everybody was kung fu fighting”
Bar straight ahead
TVs everywhere
up, down, all around
College football, Canadian football, Pro football, hockey, wrestling, lacrosse
Arena football?
Sit down
wooden stool at the wooden bar
“They say you want a revolution”
bleached blonde hair
short shorts and tight half-shirt

“Get ya a beer?”
Miller Lite
wings and fries
Squeak of sneakers on the floor
“Oh sugar, sugar”
helmets, hats, bats, balls, autographs and banners
Rose, Moon, and Ryan
Lions, Tigers, and Bears
“Cold Beer!”
buckets of beer
peroxide in the air
don’t drink and drive
“Order up!”
teaches fifth grade during the day
waitresses for the money
“Welcome to the Grand Illusion”
Many men gather
to root
on their home team
for good or bad
“Another round?”

© Patrick Farrell 1995

This poem was published in the Fall 1994 Bayou Review

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